(#98) Use Search Engine Marketing Software

cool search engine marketing software

This trick is almost too easy.

You see, doing your own SEO requires a lot of time and effort.

The good news is a lot of that time and effort can be reduced by using certain search engine marketing software applications that are specifically designed for doing time-consuming SEO research and tasks.

You see doing your SEO work manually is worse than “doing time” at your favorite Maximum Security Prison. In fact manual SEO work just plain SUCKS!

One of these killer software programs that I’ve used to keep from gluing my eyes to my computer screen is SEO Elite by Brad Callen.

I’ve gotta say “It’s pretty cool”

There are several projects you can use to

  • analyze your competition
  • submit articles automatically
  • check your rankings
  • find authority sites
  • and a lot more.

To be honest the main thing I use it for is the rank checking to track my progress, but I’m sure if I used some of the other features I’d see results even faster!

If you still do SEO the old fashioned way you are seriously wasting your life

(unless of course you actually enjoy it)

And if you aren’t hip to this cool search engine marketing software you can learn more about it at the:

SEO Elite Software Page

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