Who is the coolest guy on the planet?

This question has plagued SEO geeks since it was brought up. It’s an experiment in SEO and the “smartest” SEO optimizer takes the prize. (or just happens to have the coolest friends at Google)

Here are some tips for you to consider if you want to be “the coolest guy on the planet“…

* Do you have time to build a massive backlink network?
* Do you have tools that will save you time?

When I ranked #12 for “the coolest guy on the planet” this was still ONE UGLY site.

But that shouldn’t matter if you are seeing me in the top ranks at Google that shouldn’t matter. You may want to listen to what I’m saying.
If you are looking for resources or software that will save you time and still make you the coolest guy on the planet, here are the 2 Most-Used Tools I use for SEO purposes, and if you are not using them you are seriously wasting your precious time.

* The #1 Trusted SEO Software on the Internet
* The Secret Tool I use to build a massive backlink network to become the coolest guy on the planet

I also recommend one particular ebook which really does make understanding Search Engine Optimization Easy. You can pick up your free copy below…

* FREE SEO Made Easy Ebook

If you are looking to gain expert search engine optimization status in 60 days or less I recommend my new comprehensive guide explaining the best practices of SEO so you can become one of the coolest guys or gals on the planet.

* The Blackbook of SEO

I eventually plan to work more on another “coolest guy on the planet site” to have visitors support a good cause, that link is The-Coolest-Guy-On-The-Planet.org

Now there are really 3 good reasons I used that domain name…

* The latest reports I’ve read suggest that hyphenating words seperates them in Googles eyes thus giving them more releveancy
* .ORG Domain names are given higher authority due to the fact that they are often used by non-profit organizations.
* I plan to support charitable causes on the site- and if you ask me, the title of being The Coolest Guy on the Planet requires you to be pretty damn cool, and working at something for the greater good is pretty cool in my book.

My last resource is a little site I put together for my little brother in law you can check that one out at The Coolest Guy In The Universe Site

As I write this I’m currently ranked 12th on Google for the term “the coolest guy on the planet”, if you want to see how I’m ranked on Google as well as the other competitors (coolest guys) go to this link:

The Coolest Guy On The Planet Google Search

As a final note, if you are looking for a community and network of people to build your business with I recommend joining MyMarketingMafia.com for FREE and networking with some of the super cool savvy marketers there.
-Jae Jans