Rank #1 on Google

As an SEO expert there are a few things you can do for practical jokes or to impress friends.

As you know the name of this site is The Coolest Guy on the Planet SEO

The reason I did this was because “the coolest guy on the planet” is a popular search phrase that SEO optimizers compete for.

I’ve been featured on the front page with a top position of about #5 but can’t seem to stick there consistently.

As far as difficulty – I doubt it’s any where near the level of a keyword like “marketing” but then again it’s all in good fun.

FYI: There wouldn’t be much sense behind trying to optimize your site for the keyword “marketing” first off it’s highly competitive and secondly it’s not targeted.

Someone searching for the term marketing could be looking for any number of things which is another reason why when you optimize your site you should get as focused terms as you can. Focused terms allow you to rank better faster and in some cases show up on the front page in a matter of weeks as opposed to months.

For example regarding the word “marketing” if you did marketing on the internet or provided an email marketing service you’d find it much easier to rank well for a term like “email marketing service” or “internet marketing” then trying to rank for a broad term that would probably bring you unresponsive traffic.

Today is especially exciting because I’ve ranked #1 for the keyword term “The Coolest Guy in the Universe” and as a previous top ranker of this keyword phrase pointed out.

“if you are the coolest guy in the universe doesn’t that also make you the coolest guy on the planet?”

Anyway it’s all in good fun, just thought I’d share it.


P.S. Here’s the link if you want to check out my Coolest Guy in the Universe site.