(#95) The Secret Sauce of SEO: Social Bookmarking Services

As the internet evolves things change. One thing that has stayed “relatively” the same is the way SEO works.

The component I want to talk about today is linking a.k.a. backlinking…

See, as the internet changes there are always new ways to to market and distribute content and products that are often more effective than the old ones. One of these “new ways” to market more effectively is to leverage the massive number of social networks that have been created over the last 2 years.

Social= People Interacting

Network= Interconnected Group

So you see much of the work has been done for you already. By tapping into social networks you gain access to a large interconnected group of people that communicate with each other.

WARNING: Along with this new wave of marketing and SEO come a few precautions

  1. You are dealing with people, you are more likely to get people talking about you and LINKING to you if you make sense. BUT so many of the Blackhat SEO optimizers (and business owners) that simply scrape and compile nonsensical content for better rankings could watch there business crumble using the social medium if they don’t evolve with the web.
  2. Nobody likes a spammer. I’ve had members come into my marketing social network and start blasting ads to my members for “male enhancement” and other unrelated topics. You better believe he ended up getting his ip blacklisted. I’ve even had some one by the name of “Abdul Bin Laden” who inherited millions get inside and offer “to send a large percent of the inheritance for help getting the funds”. You’ve seen the scam right? Now this may be an extreme case but the point is if you are building a business to work less you want to publish high-quality content that is useful.

So let’s move on to how we can leverage these networks for more links.

Here’s a powerful strategy that I’m beginning to use that is giving amazing results.

Every time you publish a blog post or a new webpage bookmark it with the following semi-automatic social bookmarking services. It will save you a TON of time!

  1. Socializer
  2. OnlyWire
  3. SocialMarker
  4. Socialize It
  5. Post Toaster
  6. Social Poster

This gives your message a broader reach of the internet by getting both links and exposure to real eyeballs. But don’t stop there…

Once a week login manually to each of your accounts and interact with others. You might:

  1. Invite friends
  2. Leave a comment on someone elses profile
  3. Answer messages

Overall the point is to just interact. As long as you be yourself and show yourself (including your likes, and dislikes) you will begin to attract people to you who share similar interests and will help to share your message with others.

Over time your backlink network will build up not just from the social networks but from the individuals who make up those networks.

And the profiles, content and pages you publish on those various networks become your own virtual real estate that you will own theoretically forever.

Make sense?


P.S. If I missed any great tools below make sure to leave a comment and I’ll update the list

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