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strategic search marketing

Strategy is defined as a long term plan of action to achieve a desired goal or outcome.

With search marketing your desired outcome is to be ranked in the popular search engines at a position where searchers will find you. In reality this usually means the front page, and the bulk of searches are usually given to just the top 3 results.

So regardless of what you do in your Search Marketing efforts you always need to make sure you have a strategy or game plan that will finish with you on top.

This may seem like common sense, yet a beginner online will read all kinds of outdated SEO mumbo jumbo and think that because some expert said it, it must be right…

This is a fools errand. SEO, Search Marketing and any type of Marketing- for that matter, is based on the hard science of numbers. The numbers related to your results.

To develop your own search marketing strategy I recommend running tests or experiments of your SEO efforts for no more than 30 days at a time.

Anything that takes longer than 30 days to measure is hardly worth the effort. To ensure that your SEO has maximum effectiveness I recommend always running a control campaign.

Your goal will be to make sure your new experiment, including any new variables you introduced, outperforms the existing search marketing strategy you are using.

So what does a typical Search Marketing Strategy look like?

Here are a few points to keep in mind:

Now that you’ve seen some ways you can immediately improve your results, what challenges have you faced in getting the results you want by using search marketing?

Just leave a comment below, I promise to answer…


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