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This post may seem to move straight away from Link Baiting Strategy from the beginning but stick with me because there is a point to be made.

Being “the coolest guy on the planet earth” (according to Yahoo!) means being generous. As a side pet project I simply want to support a few causes I feel strongly about. To be specific environment sustainability, clean renewable energy and peace on earth, and you may notice banners of these around this site.

Although this might be a bit idealistic I think it’s something we can all aim for.

So where am I going with all this?

Well for starters many businesses now support charities and many claim to be “green”. Often you’ll find statements on a companies products saying how they are using recycled paper or buying carbon credits to “help support the environment”.

In the big scheme of business I see this as a huge step forward and something that will raise awareness in the mass population, countrywide and worldwide.

But many companies also use this as a PR (public relations) tactic to gain publicity and strengthen the bond to their customers.

Online Companies have transformed this PR tactic into Link Bait Idea #1 (see below)

Strategy #1

Supporting the Greater GoodThis is one of the strategies that websites (companies) online use to gain link juice, or links back to their website. By supporting something bigger than just what they sell, but truly promoting a difference to be made in the world many companies are able to win the support of their customers and other site owners with similar interests.

Strategy #2

Giving Real Hard-Core ValueAlthough some “gurus” advise you to save all your good content for your products. Real Quality information is still and always will be in high demand. Some examples of real value would be a product comparison that visually helps a web surfer compare the unique differences in similar products. The end result is a consumer that wants to pass along the help to others. Example: Top 10 Lists

Next you could ask yourself what are my customers/visitors really after? Make separate pages that outline some of the topics in great detail. As your visitors discover these they’ll want to share these useful pages with others.

Strategy #3

Make It EasyBelieve it or not most people are not total computer nerds. If you want large amounts of people/bloggers/websites to link to you make it super-easy. For starters you could create a simple text link containing your main keywords for your page and provide them the HTML code in a small box at the bottom of the page.

…and to cap these simple link baiting strategies off, the more real value you provide the more links others will give you in return and the more link you get in return the more valuable your site will appear to the search engines.

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